30 June 2007

Lorelei in progress...

This is the new "TTC tank" I am working on - by Shobhana Mason in her book Yarnplay. However, I'm so happy with the pattern that I am cheating and working on it off the subway as well - started on Monday this past week.

Here's a couple of shots of how I hope Lorelei looks when she grows up...

Claire - 28 April post

The photography skills of both Betty and Claire are clearly far superior to mine as well!!

And here's my work in progress - bottom almost done:

I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for most of it.

... and where is the He Gansey, you might ask? Still in progress. Only the sleeves left to go. Will get back to it today... really, I will!

I went yesterday to the LYS and bought some Hemp for Knitting (allhemp 6) in periwinkle and pumpkin. End goal - yet another T-shirt! (a girl can't have too many... apparently).


I must say with the knitting obsession that I have been ignoring my mosaic work shamelessly.

Having said that, this might provide some inspiration to me. It is quite an old project - a coat hanging thingie made using broken old china from my grandmother's house. I love the way it looks but have never managed to put it up... so gave it to my mother last week.

Hmm. Now I'm out of decent broken old china. Maybe I'll have to hit some yard sales this week (even Goodwill has figured out that they can charge more for this kind of thing that I am willing to pay only to take a hammer to it!).

26 June 2007

Gansey and TTC Project #2

Here are my updates:

(a) the gansey sweater

I'm ready to start the neck shaping now... then the sleeves... no seaming! ;-) Gotta love this pattern. Unfortunately for me, it means I've developed a new yarn predilection - Rowan All Seasons Cotton (probably $2million per ball where I live... got this stuff on line at Cucumber Patch but do not wish to develop an online yarn purchase habit...)

Luckily I have some more All Seasons in "sea spray" - for me! Stay tuned...

(b) TTC project #2

After what seems like years, the TTC tank #1 (below) is FINALLY at 14" - after seeming to hold at 13" for about 50 rounds. I must confess I cheated and did a bit at home last night. Now I can't do any more plain knitting without shaping, so time to start a new TTC tank: the Lorelei!

Here's the beautiful photo that led me to buy the pattern book - linked from the Knittyboard:

Knitting Betty's Lorelei

...and here's my swatch:

Too bad it's not big enough to hide my face:

Using good ol' Cotton Fleece this time around (from the stash...! Well, more or less...) together with a skein of Lang Mille Colori for the middle panel.

Wish me luck!


PS. Smoking is SO glamourous...

24 June 2007

He Gansey - vacation update

Well, I managed to get a bit done on the He Gansey during my holiday - more than expected. It is rather an easy and fast knit and it's shaping up well (although ... well, it's grey. SIGH).

I managed to get to here:

...on the first day of my trip to Kingston - in 29 degree weather! I was sitting on my mother's porch and managed to get a decent suntan at the same time.

The rest of the progress happened here today in Toronto:

I'm showing it off because I'm quite proud of how quickly it's growing! I like working with the Rowan All Seasons - and I particularly like the knitting in the round and the shaping. ;-)

18 June 2007

Bacardi - done!

Hi all:

I've finished the Bacardi (or, as I call it, the Cuba Libre)!

It's still somewhat damp from steaming last evening, but I couldn't wait!!


Pattern: designer Barbara Gregory, from the book No Sheep for You by Amy Singer
Yarn: Super 10, 6 skeins - #3334, 3456, 3944, 3871, 3428, 3784
Needles: 4mm (addi); 3.75 mm (aero circular)
Size: second smallest (34.5", I think)


- I would recommend this pattern to anyone! The results belie the (relatively easy) knitting of it.
- make sure, however, if you do knit this that you have sufficiently long needles for the border (which is picked up and knit all around). I didn't, leading to a few dropped stitches and curses!
- This also had the virtue of fitting quite well (pre-blocking). It is, however, quite close fitting on me and I will probably end up using it more as a standalone sweater than a jacket. I hope to post an "action photo" while hanging out at the waterfront this week on holidays (although trust me to finish a cardigan during 30 plus degree weather! SIGH)

Now - off to a week's break in Kingston/Ottawa and probably very little knitting (although, stupidly enough given the fact that it will be steaming hot, I am taking the He Gansey with me as it is at a very easy stage). I may also get to finish off the TTC tank...

For projects coming up, see below (17 June - and happy belated, Mom!).

17 June 2007

all star line up...!

Now that I'm almost finished the Bacardi, time to decide what to do next.

Of course, this summer was supposed to be the Summer of Stashbusting... that is, until I visited my two LYSs on payday and shortly thereafter at the beginning of June.

So, what will it be next? Hmmm...

(this one does involve a bit of stashbusting... with the purple Cotton Fleece - which would make me feel very virtuous...)

...or this one...

(the yarn was purchased when I went to pick up the accent colours for Lorelei, above. So much for virtuosity! As a concept, it's overrated, I think...)

...then there is always this one:

(this may be an accident waiting to happen, as I have heard mixed reviews about the Sari silk and tops. But it's just so purdy... and the tension is right for the pattern. So, hey.)

... and last but not least, this one:

(which will be my first full attempt at knitting with linen. Couldn't resist the colour.)

And, of course, there is the He Gansey which I started and about which my ever-patient DH enquires from time to time...

Decisions, decisions!

Happy workweek! (I'm off. Ha ha ha).


PS. Happy birthday, Mom!!! I will start on the Christmas present soon. I promise. Really. And you'll love it! ;-)

12 June 2007

progress! Bacardi and TTC tank

Here's my update on my 2 works in progress:

1. Bacardi cardigan

a.k.a. the moniker I've come to know it by - Cuba Libre. Ole!

I am really enjoying how this is working out... I LOVE Super 10!!!

The only hassle is sewing in all the ends - but since I hate weaving in and ignored the instructions to carry the yarns up the side, I have only myself to blame!

This is the main body of the cardigan (mostly knitted Sunday and yesterday). I have started on sleeve #1 and hope to be done sometime this week.

2. TTC tank

For want of a better name (although Citrus Sorbet has come to mind), this is my commuting/work meeting project. 11.5" and growing. I fell into what I have heard called the "black hole syndrome" - I needed to get to 11 inches to move back up to larger needles and this seemed to take FOREVER. I would keep measuring it and it was as though it never grew. Finally, though, the magic number 11 (inches) arrived. Soon it will be time to start shaping it (armholes and such), at which point I think I must find another project for commuting.

It matched the squirt gun that DH bought to chase the pigeons from the balcony, so I thought I'd pose them together. ;-)

08 June 2007

Tomato - finished!

Here it is! I loved knitting this and would definitely make another one. The sad look on my face is only me thinking "It's finished already? sob" ;-)


Yarn = Mission Falls 1824 Cotton
needle sizes = 4.0 mm and 4.5 mm
start date = 3 June 2007
end date = 7 June 2007

The Mission Falls was nice to work with - the resulting fabric has a pebbley sort of feel to it.

One odd "design feature" - you may see from the picture that one of the skeins appeared to be from a different dyelot. The odd part is that the dyelot was marked as the same on all my skeins. And, funnily enough, I only noticed it when I saw the photograph... it shows up a bit "in person". Oh well.

I decided to jazz up the pattern a bit by going with a two colour chequerboard motif for the band (rather than the original, which was houndstooth), and to add that pattern to the sleeves as well. The border and neckline is also in chequerboard pattern.

So, off to work. This weekend will probably start on the Spicy Fitted Tee from Fitted Knits.


03 June 2007

crazed harlequin dress

Here is my latest project hot off the needles - two dresses in one!

I figure this should blow the eyes off the co-workers tomorrow! I was advised on Friday that some of them have started a pool on what colours I will come in wearing on Mondays... ;)

It was actually a surprisingly quick knit... although working with the Suede was rather hot yesterday in the 29 celsius/two million celsius with the humidex and smog alert (did I really need to know that) temperatures - 27 C inside my apartment. Trip to buy an A/C unit scheduled for Tuesday (wish me luck!)

Yarn: Berroco Suede (9 skeins approx)
Colours: hot pink, hot lime, black, dark purple and "tricolour" purple
Needle size: 5 mm
Started: 30 May 2007
Finished: 3 June 2007
Pattern: by me, inspired by Trapeze Tank in Knitters' Magazine Spring 2005 (see my post on 30 May, last photo, for what the actual pattern looks like in "real life".

work in progress - Tomato

so far so good... I just started it at 2 this afternoon and cooked dinner and did some cleaning in between! (it's now 7:30).

This is my stab at the Tomato from the No Sheep for You blog - thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

I am subbing in a chequerboard pattern for the fair isle bit and thought I'd put some on the sleeves as well. The main colour is deep purple, with coral and light teal as the contrast colours.

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 cotton
Needles: 4.5 mm addi turbos

02 June 2007

rainbow dress - no silly self-portraits this time...

Thought I'd break down and get DH to take some photos (I *hate* being photographed...). Glad to see that the dress still glows despite the grey day outside...

travelling knit...

It's official - I have now graduated to the ranks of those who knit while using public transit! It certainly relaxes me while heading to work - and I've ended up having quite a few interesting conversations with other crafters as a result! (despite the odd looks I get from some other people who are perhaps scared of pointy objects...)

This is my first travel project - it will be a tank top when finished. I work on it only on the TTC - started about 3 weeks ago:

Purdy, ain't it?

Yarn: Lana Grossa Elastico (stretchy cotton/scrylic blend)
Needles: 3.25 - 3.75 mm circular.

01 June 2007

swing dress - side 1 almost done!

I'm very much liking the colour combo for side 1... and here is the colour combo for side 2:

A couple of glitches:

(a) I don't have enough of either of these colors to finish the whole side... so I will have to sub in some black;

(b) I just realised that instead of two purple Suede, I bought one purple and one tricolour. Oh well. It will make for a more interesting dress, I suppose. LYS has none of the colours I picked originally left and I'm not too big on the colours they had in stock.

I hope to finish this dress tomorrow and start on something else.. hmm... the Bacardi, a Tomato, a "spicy" fitted T-shirt from Fitted Knits, a minidress from a vintage "hostess gown" pattern... too many choices, too little time! (but, too much yarn as well, if that's possible!)