27 February 2007

fancy rocking chair

A mosaic project - sadly, forgot to take photos of the finished version (which I finished up at the friend's house it was intended for). However, like the colour very much (almost couldn't part with it) so thought I'd post here:

WIPs - end of Feb 2007

Well, here I am at the end of Feb. It has been a good stashbusting month (see below).

I'm now working on the following projects:

(a) Freeform Log Cabin

Another stashbuster intended to help me make use of a Fleece Artist afghan kit plus some other Fleece Artist yarn I got on sale (the afghan kit has been sitting around a bit too long - I made another one previously with a pillow:

Lovely pattern but I HATE yarnovers.

I'm interested to see how the log cabin works out. Am using 10mm needles with 12 mm needles for the bindoffs.

(b) Denim Messenger Bag

This is based on a pattern I found in "Greetings from the Knit Cafe". Knitting all done. Just have to line with more denim and fix the strap (which I'm putting off because I am looking for plastic needlepoint canvas to put in the bottom). This was hard going as the yarn (Blue Jeans Cable) gave off dye and fibres which made me itch. The pattern had called for Rowan's denim but I found this stuff on sale at less than half the price. Sometimes you get what you pay for... but the finished bag looks good, I think.

I also just bought a bunch of yarn (drat payday!) for two more projects: entrelac knee socks (I *must* be a masochist. So far have avoided the yarn craze but couldn't resist this pattern in the latest INterweave Knits) and a pair of boxer shorts (using elasticated yarn).

17 February 2007

Curve of Many Colours - done!

Well, I couldn't leave well enough alone despite the wise and well-appreciated feedback from some...!). This is the final version (with border added - two rows of half-double crochet in teal).




- final size: 60" x 60" across
- yarn used: Paton's Decor (85% acrylic, 15% wool) - 20 x 100g balls with a little bit to spare
- needles: 5" addi turbo and 5 mm crochet hook
- started on: 21 January 2007
- finished on: 16 February 2007
- other projects completed during that time: two fuzzy winter hats, fuzzy winter scarf, felted recycled bulletin board
- other projects started/worked on during that time: Tilting at Windmills wall hanging, felted recycles sweaters, mosaic rocking chair, log cabin purse
- old episodes of Law and Order watched while completing: 115 approx ;-)
- pattern by: Woolly Thoughts (Pat Ashforth) with an extra "square" and log cabin border added

I loved knitting this (although I must confess the "extra" square was starting to get a bit tedious. I would recommend it to anyway. I will be doing this pattern again (probably with only 3 colours next time around)

... I am so happy to finally use the Paton's yarn up... which was the albatross in my yarn collection. Funnily enough, I located the receipt for the yarn the other day - it was purchased in 1995 (at a cost of $2.99 per skein). I had thrown it aside in disgust after attempting a (lovely but frustating) sweater pattern by Kaffe Fassett. This is the third (and only successful) attempt at a pattern using it.

In the interval, it has languished, unloved and reviled, in the spare spaces/sparerooms/musty storage lockers of at least 8 apartments! (I had around that time developed a real snobbery about synthetics and the corresponding financial ability to spend more money on "luxury" yarns). So - I feel a real sense of accomplishment in finally giving the yarn a beautiful "home".

Now off to whip up a sweater or three... . Actually, next project will be a messenger bag made out of denim cotton (which I located on sale on Friday - wrong gauge for the project - but hey, it's a bag!).

14 February 2007

Curve of Many Colours - 1st border finished!

Being a masochist, I decided to do two borders on this blanket - one log-cabin style, and one mitered. To be quite honest, I'm getting tired of this project but must finish it and the yarn I started with.

Anyway, I think it's looking pretty good...

13 February 2007

Well, still hacking away at the border for the Curve blanket. Am finally starting to get tired of it! but still have quite a bit to do as I decided on two log cabin rounds then a mitered border. SIGH.

In the meantime, I got a new computer (having dropped my former one on the floor - AGH!!!). Perhaps the "drop" was intentional as I LOVE my new home computer (17" widescreen MacBook Pro). Here are some wonky photos I took with the computer:

08 February 2007

curve of many colours... almost done!

Just trying to figure out the border scheme now. Will likely knit a sweater and then do it ;)

I love love love this pattern! (from woollythoughts.com - Curve of Pursuit)



yarn: Paton's Decor, 2000g approx (acrylic/wool)
needles: 5 mm addi turbo
size: 48"x48"
number of stitches: lost count at 91,745. Kidding. Tried to calculate but am very bad at math.

04 February 2007

felted bulletin board - completed!

Hoping that this will jazz up my office somewhat:

I'm very proud of this effort, although imperfect. I had wanted to tackle a sewing job and now it's done and doesn't look half bad!


- felted a sweater that I purchased from Goodwill, then cut into pieces
- stitched together with dark grey yarn, then overstitched with blue.
- edging in blanket stitch

03 February 2007

bulletin board in progress

Have finished the initial seaming of this... didn't actually take too long! It is messy, but can't really be seen. I am going to go over it with some embroidery stitches suggested by knittyfolk... particularly as I have some yarn in blue that matches the blue in the recycled sweater.

Will also be trimming off the stick out bits at that time.

01 February 2007

log cabins in progress...

here are my stashbusters (pursuant to new year's commitment [as opposed to resolution])...

1. Curve of Pursuit

This is probably a bit more than halfway done - will depend on yarn supply. Right now it's 30"x30".

2. Purse of Plenty

Not sure whether to add a few more panels or not before starting the next side. Will mull it over a few days.