31 October 2006

happy hallowe'en!

Hello all:

Wishing you a very spooky and mysterious Hallowe'en Eve!

Here is my (far from spooky) costume:

And some new stuff (sorry about lack of seasonal colour...)

yet another buttonhole bag...

a fuzzy hat (thanks to Beverly Galeska's Felted Knits book)...

...and a slipper in progress (pre-felting - Lamb's Pride and Lily Woo mohair - thanks to Kathleen Taylor's Knit One, Felt Too)...



25 October 2006

recent knitting - Mason Dixon etc.

Hi all:

Some recent stuff I've been working on since getting the Mason Dixon Book (thanks to those who created it!!):

* my version of the Buttonhole Bag on the website (made with Lamb's Pride Bulky)

* my version of the baby blanket "Moderne" (made with Bernat cotton)

* cardigan for my husband (thanks to the knitty.com website here in Toronto! and made with Mission Falls 1824 merino)

* detail on cardigan



mosaic samples

All of these were made in summer 2006.

1. Sunflower Table

2. Dish Brush Holder

3. Wacky Fruit Dish

4. Mini Bird Bath

5. Mini Bird Bath - detail


Hello all:

Welcome to my blog! I plan to bore you all with numerous photos of my works and works-in-progress.

By way of introduction, my name is Kristina and I am a (somewhat) obsessive crafter living in Toronto, Ontario. My current interests include knitting and mosaic although I have also been known to dabble in needlepointing and have recently taken up crochet - much to my chagrin.

To pay for all of these addiction in addition to my other bad habits, I work as a legal aid lawyer. The good hours allow me lots of time to purchase, stash and sometimes use materials.

Being a lawyer-type person, I have lots of opinions on many other subjects, but will try to spare you my various diatribes.