19 March 2007

spring has sprung...

... well, almost. So here is my first spring project in progress: cheerful boxer shorts!!! (just started tonight)

Pattern from Greetings From the Knit Cafe by Suzan Mischer. Yarn = Lana Grossa Elastico Print (96% cotton, 4% nylon). Didn't do a swatch (too lazy) so we'll see how it goes...!

And... who thinks I can accomplish this next project (my 2nd pair of socks) while watching the tube? ;-)

Hi all:

Two new FOs...

1. a scarf I just finished based on the Moderne pattern (the left half of the pattern for the Moderne blanket in Mason-Dixon Knitting). I added some beads (which are knit in). This was fun and fast to make.

Finished size: 40"x12:, roughly
Yarn: curlilocks by fleece artist (raspberry, eggplant, plum)
Needle size: 6 mm
Knitting time: 5 hours approx.

I decided to use the same size needles for casting off as I wanted to see what would happen. Hence, the warp, which I rather like. If you want to avoid this, use 8 mm needles for casting off.

2. socks

My first pair!

Yarn: Fleece Artist sock merino
Pattern: on the ballband of the yarn
Needle size: 2.5 mm
Knitting time approx: 10 hours (for both socks)

15 March 2007

baby's first needlepoint

And here's another photo from my mother (man alive, was I ever generous! and overambitious, as this was my first needlepoint! and counted, to boot).

Note the grid pattern in the background. At the time, this was a rather ill-advised decision to mark the grid onto the canvas with a very dark marker. Now, I have learned to view it as a "design element" (although you may beg to differ).

"vintage" knits (of mine)

My mother sent me these photos of sweaters I had knitted for her many years ago (in less selfish days when I actually knitted sweaters for other people! LOL) Most predate 1991 when I left home. They are all in cotton yarn as my mother is allergic to wool.

1. Flower vest

I do remember this one because it was murder to knit. The honeycomb pattern is not embroidered... can't remember which pattern book it was from but it was a UK one.

2. Tree of Life

This is a sweater that I copied (literally) from one my former boss had bought in Ireland. I took the sweater and photocopied the front. I then knitted the tree. I wish I had a photo of the original sweater - just asked the old boss (with whom I still work) last week but she no longer has it. ;-( It is of more recent provenance than the others - early 2002.

3. Tree of Life 2

From another pattern book lost in the mists of my memory.

4. Sweatshirt

This one, I'm fairly certain, is from one of the Paton's general sweater booklets.

5. Grapevine

Again, can't remember where this is from. I didn't design it.

12 March 2007

hurt needle :(

but on the upside: a brand new sock! Now I only have to do the second one...

In the process, I managed to break a wooden dpn needle (sob). Luckily I have enough left to finish the second sock (unless of course I manage to snap the other one as well.

So - here is my memorial to the dearly departed needle:

Please note the trunk on the elephant, which is pointing downward. It was pointing upward before I arranged the needles on top. Honestly! (well, er... no - just have gone a bit insane over sock progress!)

11 March 2007

first pair of socks! (in progress...)

Well, have gotten started on my first ever pair of socks - after all these years! To be honest, I have never really seen the point as how many people see socks, anyway? Howeever, I have been persuaded by the latest socks craze and the gorgeous sock yarns available to give it a stab.

This is after about an hour's progress... (re. not counting the first aborted attempt where I managed to twist the stitches when joining them, leading to what perhaps I should market as a pattern for "moebius socks". Grr.).

Yarn= Fleece Artist Basic Merino
Needles = 2.5 mm addi turbos. Also have Brittany dpns (wood)
Pattern = on the ballband ("Nova Sox". Fleece Artist yarn is produced in Nova Scotia. "Nova Sox"... get it? heh heh heh).

In true type A fashion, I had initially decided to knit a very convoluted kneesock pattern found in this seasons "Interweave Knits": entrelac argyle pattern. I then came to my senses and decided that this was *probably* not a beginner sock project - and moreover that attempting this pattern right now would likely lead to me flinging $40.00 worth of yarn and said addi turbos off the balcony into the ravine in complete disgust, never to be found again.

My thoughts so far:
- pattern is blissfully straightforward (so far, anyway, and minus the twist effect!)
- it is quicker work than I thought it would be
- however, not convinced that I like working with the small size of needles required (then again, this *is* blanket and bag queen here. For about 3 months I wasn't using any needle size smaller than 8 mm).

And a note about spending on projects: DH last night asked what I was making. I told him and showed him the ballband, on which I had (rather foolishly) left the price tag. The following conversation ensued (after a short debate on whether one of the colours in the variegation was brown or purple - I won (brown):

- "Australian merino? that's interesting"
- "Actually, it's from Nova Scotia"
- "Where?" (DH having a past Nova Scotia connection)
- "I can't remember - someplace that ends with a -ville. Sackville?"
- "No, I don't think so...' [adjourn for another debate on small Canadian towns ending in -ville", which was aborted when DH saw the price tag...
- "$21.00?!?!?!?!?! The yarn MUST be fron Australia... [pause] now, why would you pay $21.00 to knit a pair of socks?"
- "Because the yarn is nice."
- "But at the white sale at the Bay I get socks for 50 cents each [ASIDE: isn't it funny that people always lie about what they spend on something - either way too much money, or way too cheap. So the inevitable debate ensued on whether socks at the Bay are ever 50 cents on sale... which segues into when was the last time one could buy socks for 50 cents anywhere, aside perhaps from what I like to call "truckload" sales at the flea markets. The debate was resolved when I came up with the irrefutable "socks don't even cost 50 cents at the dollar store!"... until DH said:
- "But just think about how many pairs of socks you could buy for $21.00! [pause] Oh well, it's your money and yours to do with."
- "Well, think about it this way - it's only 2 packs of smokes".

This ended the conversation. Lucky I didn't open my big mouth and yack about how much the addis cost!

08 March 2007

Law and Order and knitting?

Well, knitting is full of order, I'm full of law (or so I pretend at work, anyway)... and I happen to love Law and Order in all of its varieties.

So - for anyone cruising by - would you be interested in joining a blog for L&O fans who also knit? (or knitters who are also L&O fans)? A Law and Order KAL/AAL (art-a-long), as it were.

If so, please advise.



new acquisition

At the LYS near my work today a gentleman asked me if I was planning to knit up some pumpkins!

In fact, I was (inordinately?) excited because there was Super10 for sale (or so I thought until I got to the cash). In fact, it was something called "Super3" (which for some reason I'd never heard of - aran weight mercerised cotton) and which apparently has been discontinued. Can't figure out why - unless it was too heavy to make decent sweaters. So, I'll be making a bag instead (the "Scarlett Carpetbag" from Big Girl Knits, with the following accent colours (in Super 10 (DK) so we'll see how THAT works out...)

Yeah, also acquired yesterday (at full price). Like I *needed* more super10. Oh well, it's made in Greece and so (indirectly) was I... or that's my excuse for this week anyway.

Now all I need to do is line my denim bag... which I have been putting off. Wish I liked sewing... I have finishing anxiety with anything involving more than seaming yarn (which actually I don't enjoy either... but I seem to view as a necessary evil). Please wish me luck!

Oh - and I also bought "No Sheep for You" yesterday. Big mistake. I now want to make EVERYTHING in the book (minus one thing which I would probably still make for someone else...)...I need a second job at which I can knit! (just to pay for the habit...)

06 March 2007

log cabin mania!

Here is the freeform log cabin at its new home:

... and, latest WIP - a log cabin style scarf (patterned on 1/2 of the Moderne pattern in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book). I bought these funky glass beads from Mary Maxim and am knitting them in on the borders. You can't tell from the photos, but the beads are coloured in pink, gold, blue and purple. n Yarn is curly locks by Fleece Artist.

... and still to come: SOCK MANIA (having never knitted socks, really, aside from two pairs of slipper socks on large needles. Have bought 3 skeins of Fleece Artist (another current mania): 2 in sea cell/wool and one in merino.

04 March 2007

freeform log cabin - done!

Finally this is done! (although it didn't take all that long... only a year and a half to use up the afghan kit ).

- measurement is 43" x 53" approx.
- yarn: Fleece Artist afghan kit plus other bits and bobs...quantity 1 kg approx.
- needles: 10 mm for knitting and 12 mm for binding off
- wrinkles: at first I forgot to bind off with larger needles. This led to a big pucker in the middle which made me sad. However, hopefully blocking will have done with that
- destination: draped over my couch
- time spent: 10 days approx.

detail 1

detail 2

detail 3