15 March 2007

"vintage" knits (of mine)

My mother sent me these photos of sweaters I had knitted for her many years ago (in less selfish days when I actually knitted sweaters for other people! LOL) Most predate 1991 when I left home. They are all in cotton yarn as my mother is allergic to wool.

1. Flower vest

I do remember this one because it was murder to knit. The honeycomb pattern is not embroidered... can't remember which pattern book it was from but it was a UK one.

2. Tree of Life

This is a sweater that I copied (literally) from one my former boss had bought in Ireland. I took the sweater and photocopied the front. I then knitted the tree. I wish I had a photo of the original sweater - just asked the old boss (with whom I still work) last week but she no longer has it. ;-( It is of more recent provenance than the others - early 2002.

3. Tree of Life 2

From another pattern book lost in the mists of my memory.

4. Sweatshirt

This one, I'm fairly certain, is from one of the Paton's general sweater booklets.

5. Grapevine

Again, can't remember where this is from. I didn't design it.