12 June 2007

progress! Bacardi and TTC tank

Here's my update on my 2 works in progress:

1. Bacardi cardigan

a.k.a. the moniker I've come to know it by - Cuba Libre. Ole!

I am really enjoying how this is working out... I LOVE Super 10!!!

The only hassle is sewing in all the ends - but since I hate weaving in and ignored the instructions to carry the yarns up the side, I have only myself to blame!

This is the main body of the cardigan (mostly knitted Sunday and yesterday). I have started on sleeve #1 and hope to be done sometime this week.

2. TTC tank

For want of a better name (although Citrus Sorbet has come to mind), this is my commuting/work meeting project. 11.5" and growing. I fell into what I have heard called the "black hole syndrome" - I needed to get to 11 inches to move back up to larger needles and this seemed to take FOREVER. I would keep measuring it and it was as though it never grew. Finally, though, the magic number 11 (inches) arrived. Soon it will be time to start shaping it (armholes and such), at which point I think I must find another project for commuting.

It matched the squirt gun that DH bought to chase the pigeons from the balcony, so I thought I'd pose them together. ;-)