30 June 2007

Lorelei in progress...

This is the new "TTC tank" I am working on - by Shobhana Mason in her book Yarnplay. However, I'm so happy with the pattern that I am cheating and working on it off the subway as well - started on Monday this past week.

Here's a couple of shots of how I hope Lorelei looks when she grows up...

Claire - 28 April post

The photography skills of both Betty and Claire are clearly far superior to mine as well!!

And here's my work in progress - bottom almost done:

I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for most of it.

... and where is the He Gansey, you might ask? Still in progress. Only the sleeves left to go. Will get back to it today... really, I will!

I went yesterday to the LYS and bought some Hemp for Knitting (allhemp 6) in periwinkle and pumpkin. End goal - yet another T-shirt! (a girl can't have too many... apparently).