27 November 2006

smoking and knitting

While choking on the 5th cigarette of the day (it's 8:35 a.m.), I am sitting here wondering yet again why I cannot seem to quit. One would think that so much crafting would lead to less smoking. Instead, in my case, it seems to lead to inhaling more second-hand smoke when the cigarette burns untouched next to me working frenetically on the project at hand.

Or can it actually be considered "second-hand smoke" when I am the person who lit the smoke in the first place? Hmm. I really need to start taking some responsibility for this. :)

If anyone has any tips on how they used knitting to help them quit smoking, please do share. If nothing else, I'm spending valuable money (on average $13.00 per day) which could be more sensibly invested in ... um... well... more yarn. However, financial incentives have never seemed to work for me in attempts to quit smoking. I have done the whole "stick the money you spend per day on smokes in a jar and watch it grow" thing... only to raid said jar on morning #3 when desperate for a Dunhill.

If only I could become a "social smoker" only. Instead, I'm becoming increasingly anti-social and I imagine my knitted products reek of the ashtray...