27 November 2006

remembrance of sweaters past

Should auld acquaintance be forgot...

WHAM! sweater (circa 1998 - and the LAST time I endeavoured anything with intarsia... AGH!). Made in 100% cotton (can't remember the brand - probably Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep):

... and back of WHAM! sweater (actually, the front... but that's not how I wear it...)

Irish moss sweater (my first project knitted entirely in the round) - Cotton Fleece yarn by Brown Sheep. I bought too much yarn (seems to be a bad habit) so knitted one for my partner then one for me. AWWWWWWWW. :-) circa 2004.

Stripey T-shirt - knitted in Super 10 mercerised cotton.

I'd like to add to this archive with some sweaters given to my mother (provided she hasn't thrown them out! . Digital cameras are either a blessing or a curse, I guess.