27 November 2006

more stuff

I'm beginning to think that I have TOO much time on my hands.

Here is a blanket I'm making for my mother for Christmas (based on the Nina Shawl pattern in the Mason-Dixon book) - knitted in Super 10 mercerised cotton. Progress has stopped while I am waiting for the last colour (paprika!) to come in to my LYS:

...and closer detail:

Blanket will be approx. 50" wide by 55 " long when finished. I'm knitting it on 4 mm Addi Turbo needles (my new favourite needles, although can't afford to replace the ideal stash). It is just the Nina Shawl pattern x 2 (widthwise). However, rather than the ruffle I will be crocheting a border (due ultimately to laziness rather than aesthetic). It will take approximately 7-8 125 g. skeins of the yarn before finished (had ordered 16!)

You may notice a similarity in colour between this project and the "funky blankie" below. This is because I ended up ordering too much yarn for the Christmas present ... and selfishly decided to make a blankie for my apartment instead. Such a bad daughter!!

And another sweater I've started - the Perfect Sweater! - using Fleece Artist Kid Silk. This may be the most luxurious yarn I've worked with. I had initially bought it to try to crochet a jacket for work, but decided it is wasted if not worn right nect to the skin (please note that the colours are quite a bit deeper and richer in real life - the blue base is closer to indigo):

I am making the sweater in medium size (although I usually take a small, the gauge of the kid silk is quite fine). 4 mm. needles. I have 750 grams of the yarn but don't think this will take it all).

I am seriously considering calling in sick to my staff meeting today in order to finish the scarf below, so that I can get back to the stuff above. However, I guess the job supports my knitting habit (especially if I wish to keep buying kid silk!)