27 November 2006

tough decisions... solved?

I thought my pressing dilemma had been solved when a coworker brought in some yarn last Friday and asked me to knit a scarf for her. I said I would likely have it done by Tuesday... please see it in progress above:

... and in detail ... the yarn is Basics Quick Print (acrylic / wool blend)

Alas, by Saturday afternoon I had become bored with the scarf (I don't like the feel of the acrylic blend, snob that I've become!)... and so grabbed some Brown Sheep Bulky remnants from my (abundant) stash and started on this sweater:

... and closer detail:

I became rather compulsive with finishing it, wanting to wear it to my staff meeting today. Unfortunately, I had not given too much thought to the fact that temperatures in Toronto are uncharacteristically balmy this week... going up to 12 celsius! Making it rather silly to wear this bulky sweater.

Which, as a positive, is a good thing, given that the sweater still looks like this:

I think it may take longer to weave in the ends than it did to knit it!

And now back to the scarf (which may not be done by Tuesday ... oh well ...).