22 January 2008

it's not easy being green!

Just call me Kermit, folks.

Why? Because I spent so much #$&*#$^*@#&$^ time ripping back while trying to complete the first Secret of the Stole II hint last evening that I no longer know how to speak... only to "ribbit".

The knitting day had started off well. I made a lot of progress on my Moebius scarf - all but one row that you see here was knitted on the TTC!

So I came home, ready to tackle the Secret of The Stole. I figured I had mastered the relatively simple pattern by now.

Nope. I think I knitted the same six rows at least seven times again. On the sixth try everything was going swimmingly - until I realised that I had pulled the "skip the easy row" bit so that the right side now featured purl stitches instead of knit stitches. I would have taken a picture of this but I was worried that I might just fling it together with the camera over the balcony in a little hissy fit.

And, to top all this off, my lovely Malabrigo has not-so-lovely "stick to itself" properties which make it very difficult to frog without taking out all sorts of other stitches below. SIGH.

So, instead, I turned to one of my coping mechanisms:

What?!?! Have they put the Cookie Monster on a diet? What is wrong with these people!!! Is this some sort of anti-child obesity campaign? Goddess knows I hear enough about it on the news. Have they no shame? I mean, check out this cookie hating campaign!!! I mean, really.


Ah - that's better. I was worried there for a minute.

Anyway, fortified and revitalised, I went for round seven of the Battle of the Stole:


I gave up at Row 44, however (there are 53 rows in the hint) - I decided it was time to leave well enough alone. Tonight I will tackle the remaining 10 rows.

It does look pretty, though, doesn't it?

Well, that's enough blather for now. Must get to the subway station and do some more knitting on the Moebius scarf. And then I'll be logging into my work computer for another day at the coal mines:

Wishing you a wonderful frog-free day!