03 September 2007

party frock... bit of a cheat

I have decided that this outfit deserves the title of "frock"... it does have that look to it, especially when paired with my fuschia cowboy boots:

Despite the encouragement of others, I decided not to sew these two pieces together at this point. Official reasons: the skirt is a bit large on me, I'm looking for a complementary colour, etc. etc. Real reason: scared of sewing. So, will ask my mother to show me how to do this next time I visit her....

In the meantime, check out the fab colours! I am now a convert to Cascade Fixation, I must say.


Yarn: Cascade Fixation (cotton/elastic) - 4 skeins of the multi, one (only a little bit used) of black.
Needles: Addi Turbos: 4, 4.5 and 5mm

adapted from two patterns by Joan McGowan-Michael in Knitting, Lingerie-Style - Party Dress with Knit Bodice and Racerback Tank with Mesh Sides
Model: Aphrodite
Start Date: 30 August 2007
Finish Date: 2 September 2007


- absolutely loved the yarn (had not been so enamoured of it when trying out the leggings from the same book first... but the pattern was great and I guess it just took a bit of getting used to.
- the bodice pattern is excellent although I had to do quite a few mods given that the yarn called for was very different than that I used.

I'm not modelling this as yet as I'd like to wear it for a party I'm co-hosting a couple of weekends from now and prefer the element of surprise. However, I must say that I feel quite Mae West-like with it on. ;-)