03 September 2007

Gaia top

While ruminating on to sew or not to sew (see "party frock" post below), I managed to whip up another top! I reckoned that anything made with a Handmaiden yarn couldn't go wrong... and I was right!


Yarn: Handmaiden Silk Spun (100% silk), 1 skein each of two similar shades
Needles: 5.5 mm Clover Bamboo
Pattern: "Gaia" by Haley Waxberg of Knitomatic. (available with purchase of the yarn)
Start Date:
2 September 2007
Finish Date: 3 September 2007

Check out the lovely colours!


- this was a very quick knit and the yarn (not surprisingly) feels great to work with
- the pattern is one-size. I made some slight mods to shorten the body and worked on smaller needles than called for. I also added some decreases in the front and back to narrow the waist.
- I think this will make a lovely vest in wintertime in addition to a "fair weather top" (but hopefully not a fair weather friend...!)