11 May 2007

more sale yarn...

...led to this new summer knit (I don't think I've knit as many summer things in all my life as I have this week!).

And it is my own design, so I'm feeling quite chuffed as they say in the UK (I think, anyway!)

Yarn: South West Trading Co Phoenix Soy Silk and Kerzner Sari ribbon (2 skeins of soy silk, one skein approx of ribbon)
Needles: 6 mm circular + 4.5 mm crochet hook

The tank was knitted in the round - no sewing!! (did I mention I hate sewing?) It was my attempt to avert the twin disasters of not liking the ribbing I had picked and realising about a thrid of the way through that I would have only enough of the soy silk to finish halfway up the armpits. After panicking and running around my apartment like a jackass for about 20 minutes I raided the stash and found the sari ribbon which I had bought (just because it was so pretty and it cost only $1 per skein). So, all was good again.

I'll call it "Silken Sunset", I think. ;-)

Neckline and hem are crocheted in 2 rounds hdc. The armhole edging was knit in with a slip stitch pattern.