16 April 2008

www.bespokebybrouhaha.com: MY NEW HOME!!

(and by now surely you're thinking, "She's taken complete leave of her senses. One day, she acquires four rubber duckies, the next she kidnaps a baby").

Don't worry, folks. No baby. Just a new webspace, hosted by Wordpress - and I now have my very own domain name, for the price of a skein of Super10!!):


I'll be posting from there starting tomorrow, Thursday 17 April 2008!

Had to leave Blogger because I was running out of webspace... too many pics! I'll warn you that the unpacking is still in progress and (judging by my last seven or eight apartment moves) may take some time.

However, you should already notice some fancy new features on the new blog... ! And I get to have some galleries for my stuff so I can really bore everyone.

So, I do hope to see you all at


I'm not taking this page down as my other stuff is still linked to it, and will check in occasionally in case anyone is lost :-). Thanks for hanging out with me and hope you like it in my fancier digs!