02 March 2008

a fulfilling day

Well, yesterday was a truly great day even though the snow is still lying on the ground. Why?

Well, for one, I finished Clue 7 of my SOTSii!

But that was at the end of the day. Here's how my lovely day began...

First, I got to meet
Wannietta for the first time at a knit cafe called "In The Loop" in my neighbourhood. Also met another local knitter, Kelly. I had a lovely time.

I also scored some royal purple Silken!! It's Wannietta's fault. Really, it is. She threatened me with dire knitting curses such as "You will frog three rows for every two and a half that you knit" if I did not buy it.

So, now I'll just have to make another River Rock scarf, I guess.

Then I came back home and did some work on the SOTSii:

I then ventured out again to run some errands. While standing in line at #@$&(#*&$@(@#*$& Forest Hill Loblaws, I decided that I was way overdue for a visit to Zia Mosaics.

I bought some inspirational materials (after all, all lace and no glass makes Kristina a dull girl, I fear):

I'm also a sucker for stained glass as you might imagine, and the following pieces just leapt into my hands while I was standing at the cash register to pay for the other stuff:

This is a cross between violet and deep purple, if you can't tell from the photo:
I've never quite seen a shade of rose like this!

And finally, my all time favourite colour of stained glass: oilslick!!!

Susanna at Zia calls it "gas glass". I truly love it. If Handmaiden came out with this colour in its seasilk line I would likely have to declare bankruptcy within about a week.

And finally, I headed to the Goodwill and scored this hot pink fleece top and necktie!

I then hauled all the goodies back home and resumed work on the SOTSii:

This particular phase of SOTSii was very satisfying for a couple of reasons:

- I came to the end of my beadwork pattern at Row 419. This will make the rest go much faster.

- I only started my third skein of Malabrigo at Row 417!!! Which means I have plenty left for the shawl!

I feel as though I'm in the home stretch... I think there are only two more clues to go.

So, that was my Saturday. Today, the Icarus!

Have a good one!