15 February 2008

Wonder Woman!!!

The above represents how I feel after finishing Hint 4 of the SOTSii...

I even managed to put beads into the project... which funnily enough seem to have helped me with the counting effort:

If you haven't gathered as much already, I must say I'm quite impressed with my effort on this. I even managed not to pitch it off the balcony when having to frog a couple of times...

And in other news, I found some rather odd items when trolling the laundry room for new acquisitions yesterday evening:

Why "odd"? Because the item on the left is a holy water vessel used by Orthodox Christians (the tradition I was raised in, although the writing on the vessel is Russian not Greek). The other is a Madonna and child.

I hasten to say that I'm not religious in the least. However, I like religious art and religious kitsch and these items seem to be a good example of both! And - I live in a primarily Jewish building! So hopefully these items are a good omen for Clue No. 5!

Because I've come too far to give up now...

However, if worse comes to worst, I can always take comfort in the fact that in my work life I am a very important and indispensable person...

...although my colleagues may well beg to differ.

And, last evening, I created a new SNOW MADNESS cocktail/slush puppie:

Creme de menthe smuggled in from France... and snow from a ravine in Toronto (this drink was inspired, by the way, by my colleague C. C. said earlier this evening that C. enjoys eating snow (this after my friend Jennifer outed C. in this regard, but anyway!) I laughed, and laughed and laughed, and then I came home and ate and drank some snow. And... it is guid! (this according to JJ). So, thanks, C.!

On that note, I will sign off, wishing you a very happy Friday and a great weekend (here in Ontario, we have a long weekend which has been newly created - Monday is "Family Day". I will spend Monday by myself knitting my @$$ off as my primary Toronto family member JJ will be at work earning double time and a half dollars and eating free food. Not a bad compromise in my view!

Sincerely yours,