06 February 2008

what the well-dressed Barrister and Solicitor wears to work...

I know... the photo is a bit blurry. It was taken by JJ, who is not used to the new camera yet. It's a photo of me wearing barrister robes (which a colleague of mine left behind at our training day... of course I had to prance around in the apartment wearing them. I don't have my own).

And here is the Loch Ness Lawyer!

(I can't blame the blurriness on JJ this time. And I don't think I'll convince him to pose for another photo wearing the robes and a See Ya Jimmy Wig. Sigh.)

This is actually what I wore to the legal conference today:

Everyone loved the dress. And a couple of people actually tried to steal the River Rock scarf right off me. These lawyers have no shame, I can tell you!

The training, as these things go, was very productive indeed.

See the little orange marker? I knitted all the amount above that today while at the conference. (My boss was very impressed, by the way).

Should finish it tonight (the SOTSii must wait... I've been having beverages with the colleagues and I believe in the adage "don't drink and knit lace", frankly).

I bought this little tote bag at the conference:

The plan is to put freeform pieces on it around the circle - so that I will actually use it! Stay tuned...

And - I decided to drop by the laundry room when I got home this evening - look what I found!

A Misty Mountain all-weather jacket, and:
A black fleece! Both in my size! hee hee.

The legal seminar was surprisingly good. I learned that my ancestors still have a lot of influence in the legal process in Ontario:
(This is the guy who was "a bugger for the bottle", according to the Three Bruces.

Obviously I'm a direct descendant...!)

And - the best part of the training was seeing Eugene Meehan, a litigator from Ottawa who is into plain writing. His goal is to banish legalese. Gotta like that. I like the plain writing myself, as you might have gathered - but you may well see improvements on the writing style in this blog after his presentation!

Eugene happens to be Scottish, like JJ (although they don't know one another - I checked with JJ). I never, ever thought I would go to a legal training and see footnotes like:

* or, as my grandfather would say when I tried to reply to my mother with any sentence beginning with "But" - "Save yeer breath tae blaw on yeer pooridge".
Very, very educational.

So, it's been a guid couple of days... but back to the grind today. And they're calling for a storm. Just this past Sunday, they called for lovely balmy (8 celsius) weather today. I don't know why I bother watching the weather, actually...

Happy mid-week!