17 February 2008

new sparkly stuff!

Well, colour me surprised! JJ took me to Birks yesterday...!

(Now, I was aware that there was a surprise gift in the works. However, given JJ's usual predilections and obsessions when trying to help me organize my life, I was actually expecting a trip to Grand and Toy to acquire either a shredder or a computer printer - the latter which I keep avoiding as there's nothing wrong with the one at work. JJ doesn't get why I spend $$$ on yarn but refuse to buy a computer printer. To me the selection is entirely logical, obviously.)

(No, that's not what he got me. I really should refrain from tacky "cheap Scots" jokes when the Scot in question has just taken me to Birks. Sigh.)

He had researched on the internet (I can't tell you how shocked I was to hear this! JJ had never used a computer until two years ago when he started at his current job and he has led me to believe that his computer skills are limited to Spider Solitaire and finding everywhere he has ever lived on Google Earth!) and seen this ring which he thought to be right up my alley:

Well, he was right - and it is now in my possession!

The new acquisition inspired me to hunt through all my other forgotten valuables...

This is a "rose ring" that I got at Made You Look, a very cool artisan guild shop in Parkdale.

This one, I bought at the Art Gallery of Ontario many years ago... I still love it but it is a bit clunky for everyday wear:

Here are a couple of watch keychains my mother has picked me up over the years...

I carried this one on my clipboard back in my Eviction Factory days for those times that I forgot my watch. I'm surprised it still exists given that several landlord reps and a couple of mediators took a strong liking to it!

And this one?
It's a bit creepy, isn't it. I imagine that my mother picked it up because of the alternative significance in the Greek culture: extending your palm like this to a Greek is the rough equivalent of giving them the finger ten times or so. Don't do it if you're in Greece - ever.

Which reminds me of this for some reason:

A cigarette case a friend bought me, probably in a vain attemptto get me to limit my smoking (it only holds eight or so cigarettes - in other words, a two hour supply or so. Sigh.). When I have business cards, I use it as a business card holder.

Sorry - that was a gratuitous photo of my new gift!! I'm so excited! Don't you love the sparkly topaz?

This is the only remaining part of the first gift JJ ever bought me:

It is a hammer for smashing toffee! (which was gone within about 15 minutes of him giving it to me, after I ran around the office terrorising my coworkers and a few tenants with the hammer...).

This is something I was given by my father, which was one of three similar pieces made from his father's wedding ring which was melted down for the purpose after he died:

Imagine the size of the ring! I love this but don't wear it because I'm not religious. It is meant to be Christ on the cross. Having said that, when I have worn it in past people seem to think that it is Medusa. Hmm. Maybe I should start wearing it again!

These are coins I have been saving... I intend to go to Made You Look and see how much it would cost to get them set into pendants.

I just acquired this one in the UK. It is a commemorative coin regarding the 350th anniversary of the publication of Samuel Johnson's dictionary in 1755, and appeals to my nerdy word-monster sensibilities.

And this is an example of money which is now obsolete, having been taken over by the Euro:

The Greek drachma was the oldest currency in history until about five years ago when the Euro took over. I find this rather sad for some reason.

Now, I'm sure that the one I have is worth nowhere near as much as this one:
450 BC!!! But look who was still on the coin in 1926!

You might well ask "What is with the smug expression, anyway?". But only if you don't know any Greek men... Gotta love the goofy helmets though, eh?

And finally, one of my most treasured possessions:

This serves as a reminder today to seize opportunities when they come up. A free bag of Doritos, never to be enjoyed by me! Sigh.

Happy Sunday! Time to get back to some knitting... despite my excitement yesterday, I managed to finish 20 rows of the Secret of the Stole II and make some progress on the Bespoke.

(And, let me tell you it is very, very difficult to knit lace when jumping up and down with excitement!!!)