28 February 2008

my name is Kristina and I am a lace addict (hi Kristina!)

And now for a little psychiatry lesson (man, we lawyer-types know everything, don't we?!)...

According to the DSM IV diagnostic manual used widely by psychiatrists (and consulted from time to time by social assistance lawyers for research purposes regarding disability appeals, addiction, or dependence), lace dependency is present in an individual who demonstrates any combination of three or more of the following symptoms (paraphrased for simplicity and for relevant context), occurring at any time in the same 12-month period:

* Preoccupation with use of the lace yarn and patterns between periods of use.

Example: rushing to the yarn shop over the lunch hour during a snowstorm in order to buy a set of circular lace needles in a size you already have so that you can start a second project.

* Using more of the lace yarn or patterns than had been anticipated.

Example: while at the yarn shop buying duplicate needles, just "having to buy" yet another lace pattern despite the fact that you have several at home already.

(But it's the Creatures of the Reef shawl by Fiddlesticks - right here in Toronto! I can buy Canadian! And aren't the sea creatures fun?)

* The development of tolerance to the quantity of lace yarn or patterns in question.

having bought the Creatures of the Reef pattern despite:

(a) having at least five other lace patterns on your Ravelry queue and three in progress besides;

(b) still eagerly awaiting the first shipment of the Year of Lace kits less than a month from now; and

(c) glancing wistfully on occasion at the Victorian Lace Today and Gathering of Lace books which have pride of place on your living room bookshelf, separate from all the other craft books.

* A characteristic withdrawal syndrome from the lace.

hyperventilating when you have to go to a staff meeting or to court where you cannot knit. Drumming fingers nervously and biting fingernails during said staff meeting and/or court or hearing attendance.

* Use of the lace yarn, project or pattern to avoid or control withdrawal symptoms.

Example: exactly one day after the trip to the yarn store to buy needles you already had, etc. etc. Oh, and let's not forget the evening trip to the other yarn store to buy Rowan Kidsilk and Misti Alpaca, in increasingly furious snow, going to the first yarn store again over the lunch hour in -15C (-2 million C with the windchill) to trade in perfectly good lace yarn for new and more colourful Handmaiden lace yarn:

...and then priding yourself that you didn't actually buy anything. Trading in stuff is like getting it for free, right?!

* Repeated efforts to cut back or stop the drug use.

Example: feeling virtuous having bought the Creatures of the Sea pattern that you are not buying any new yarn to use with it because you already have the perfect yarn sitting in the stash:

(i.e. the dreadfully overpriced Alchemy Silken Straw that you just had to have back in August to knit... yes... a lace blouse, but then decided against using because it was too pretty. Remember, that must-have birthday gift to myself....

But it looks sufficiently aquatic to suit the theme of the shawl, don't you think?)

* Indulging in lace at inappropriate times (such as at work)...


(although, to be fair to myself, this was mostly done en route to work...)

... or when withdrawal interferes with daily functioning (such as when knitting lace makes person too unmotivated to go to work or to function while at work).

Example: thankfully, none as yet. (Hey, it doesn't say anything about checking Ravelry or researching lace patterns there, does it?!? Huh?!? Huh?!?)

* A reduction in other knitting activities in favor of further lacing.

Example: the puir wee Bespoke jacket flung into the corner of the living room, lonely and unloved.

One day, Bespoke... I promise. Besides, it's way too $#(*$&@(#$* cold to think of a spring jacket right now! That is the only reason I have forsaken you. Really. I mean it.

And besides, this is far more bright and cheery and likely to banish the winter blahs, no?
Sorry - requisite photo of the last lace FO ... aren't I shameless?!

* Continued lace knitting of the individual having suffered social, emotional, or physical problems related to lace yarn or pattern use.

Example: None.

See... I guess that means I'm not an addict after all!!

Phew. I feel better now.

Happy Thursday to all!