24 February 2008

the Brouhaha cure for the flu...

...why, yarn, of course!!

(It won't get rid of the flu, but you'll feel much, much better psychologically. Trust me!)

Now, I am down with a cold or the flu. Really. So in this regard, I had to drag myself out of the house to get to Shoppers Drug Mart for some meds and more orange juice (given that JJ was home from work and even sicker than I. Sigh.

Well, as it happens, Shoppers is only about one block away from Knitomatic. Since starting the Swallowtail, I have been on a mental quest for more Handmaiden Mini Maiden. So, I mustered up some additional energy and headed down there.

I found some of the Mini Maiden in the Woodland colourway:

...and could not resist snapping up some Lace Silk as well, in Buttercream:
...and a coppery shade that I can't find on their website:

The relatively subdued range of colours I bought are probably a good indication of how under the weather I feel. Sigh.

I think I will use the buttercream for the Icarus shawl from Interweave Mag Summer 2006 issue:

Or, maybe the Woodland? Or one of the other two million colours of Lace Silk I have in the stash? Sigh.

I did also manage to make some progress on the Swallowtail and last evening completed through the major pattern repeat sequence:

(I had actually willingly frogged back from what I last posted here as I didn't care for the bead placement. Here's my new scheme:

Pretty, eh? I also introduced some clear purple-lined beads).

Well, obsessing about lace helps me feel a little bit better. I may be able to start the SOTSii Clue 6 today as well... I got a printout while at the drugstore yesterday.

I've also decided to order some Sivia Harding lace patterns so that I can start plotting uses for some of the lace stash... I had best win the lottery soon, as I'm thinking I'm coming pretty close to a lifetime worth of lace knitting in the stash.

If you see a crazed-looking woman wandering the streets of Toronto dressed only in lace stoles, please come up and say hi. I don't bite!

Cheers, and happy Sunday!