20 February 2008

Am I a poet but don't know it?!

I have a new career plan!!

Now, I'd like to be creative enough to be a sensitive (and famous and best selling) poet so that I can earn lots of bucks and move across the ravine into one of these houses...

Well, let's see - here's a little something I drafted during the last work website reconfiguration meeting (a.k.a. Lawyers vs. IT Guys):

Clashing auras
a black cloud
pierced by mammoth
I am choking but
the funky purple light
glowing forth from
the projector of confusion
& doom
soothes me

Climbing within my
electric mauve cocoon
I retreat,
voices mumbling over me...

Hmm. Better not give up my day job.

... but at least I have a fancy door decoration, courtesy of JJ. With, of course, a scottish theme:

I wonder if Colin and Justin would approve? (They are two favourite TV designers of JJs. Check out the bottom half of the photo and ye'll see why!)

They just did a TV show in the Toronto area...

Well, time to get back to the day job now, I guess. Happy Wednesday! (I LOVE four day weeks!)