31 January 2008

well well well, what do we have HERE?!

Well, yesterday was the 30th which means only one thing in the House of Brouhaha: PayDay!!!

To top it off, I had received a rebate cheque the day before from Canada Post for yet another parcel they had lost - sigh. I think that a few months back my local postal station turned into a black hole. There are no doubt little gift packages with my chicken scratch on it floating around out there somewhere in space...

So - because I was meeting Bronwen on College Street, I made a little expedition to Lettuce Knit.

And thisis what the evil kind yarnie people had sitting right near the front door to the shop:

Schaefer Anne laceweight! Now, I've heard lots about this stuff but didn't think you could buy it on the shelf in Canada. And - what a luscious coral colour!

Then, stupidly, I decided to look on the Malabrigo shelf and saw this Tortuga shade:

"Tortuga", as far as I know, means "turtle". However, I think that this colour should be called Espeluznante (which means "spooky").

(I should note that Good Kristina made a brief appearance at around this point... so all is not lost. The first appearance in 2008, I should add. At least it's still January:

Good Kristina: STOP BUYING LACEWEIGHT LARN!!! You have plenty at home.

Evil Kristina: Not spooky yarn, I don't. And the spooky stuff is perfect for the Muir shawl.

Good Kristina: That's what you said about the beige stuff!

Evil Kristina: Well, I was wrong. It happens, surprising though that may be to you - Miss Perfect!!

Good Kristina: But you've already got all of this other Malabrigo at home, and you don't even know what you're going to make with it yet?

Evil Kristina: (with leisurely Mediterranean shrug) So?! (taking a drag on cigarette)

Good Kristina: How much lace can you make, anyway?!?

Evil Kristina: (blowing smoke in Good Kristina's face) Oh, I don't know. I thought I might try a super duper multicoloured version of Debbie New's lace coracle and use it to float you out into the middle of Lake Ontario:

Good Kristina: Oh, get over yourself!

Evil Kristina: Ah, shuddup already.
And that, as they say, was that.

I had also gone to Arton at lunchtime and bought all these beads:

And these ones (10 packs for $10!):

So, it was a shiny happy day for me! Not to mention my progress on my commuting project...

...and this book I scored at the library:

And no, this is not my passive-aggressive way of sharing any BIG NEWS with you. Rather, I'm planning a knitting design book and want ideas. There's this one, and the other one about "Don't knit your boyfriend a sweater until he has the ring". So, I'm thinking of a couple of companion volumes:

- Living in Sin - Stylin' Knits for Shackin' Chicks

- Divorce Knits - Reclaim your Style

- Say No To Booties - Fashions for the Childfree.

Do you think Interweave Press would go for it? Hmm.

Hey - I just learned that Handmaiden published pics of my Shazam scarf on her blog! She thinks it's majestic!! And she mentions that they have come out with Double Sea Silk. I'm in real trouble now, I can tell you... sigh.
Well, time to think about getting to the office. Wishing you all a wonderful Thursday!