27 January 2008


This morning I was looking high and low for my Fleece Artist bobbly scarf. I was sure I had seen it here:

But imagine my surprise when I stepped out onto the balcony to test my new camera:

... to find the scarf outside!

Wee buggers. Plus - isn't it too cold to hang out in a hammock? Ducks are very odd creatures indeed.

Speaking of the new camera, check out the zoom function! This is the normal view off my balcony (rather glum, isn't it, at this time of year?):

... and here is a zoomed view of the lamppost (not all the way zoomed in, by the way...):

Hmm. This could be useful. I wonder if I could take photos of the yarn selection at Knitomatic from here... and save myself a trip!

And here is the spooky winter forest, yet again...

Time for something colourful, methinks. Is there anything colourful enough in my apartment to cheer me up?

Well, that's a start. What's that, by the way? It is a little tiny bit of my new design project - finished! Lace and everything... can you believe it? It's currently blocking. Tune in tomorrow or Tuesday (dependent on drying time) for a free pattern!!!

But I was thinking something just a bit brighter...

Ah, yes. I feel much better now.

So - what's on the agenda for the rest of today? I'm going to start Clue 2 of the Secret of the Stole II. Please wish me luck! Law and Order and Michael Moore's Sicko will hopefully help me along in this regard...

And, perhaps if everything goes well I will manage to actually put some order into the bedroom (which is in such a state that I am actually embarrassed to show you any photos...sigh).

Happy Sunday!