03 January 2008

happy belated New Year!

Hello all:

This has been my first chance to post to wish you a very happy New Year! Just returned to London from Paris. I did have access to a computer while there but had not clued into the fact that the keyboard would be completely differently ordered! By the time I figured out how to type in my Email address, I couldn't find the @ sign!!!! So, rather than smash the computer, I decided to chill. (Given the prices in Paris, I suspect I would have been paying about $20,000 for a replacement).

Can you believe that PayDay has come and gone... with no yarn purchases?!? I feel quite virtuous. (To be honest, probably this has nothing to do with any forbearance on my part - the only yarn I have come across was in a department store and acrylic blend costing roughly quadruple the Zellers price).

However, I will have to get my hands on some yarn quickly, I think - I have eaten so much while on holidays that I will need a whole new wardrobe upon my return to Canada! Sigh.

Paris was fab. I want to move there - but only when I win the lottery.

I'll bore you some more about the trip in a couple of days upon my return to Toronto... (and you get to see pics of the stuff I knit while on holiday too! I know you can't wait...)