20 January 2008


No, not that kind of booty - get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about the pirates' treasure kind of booty...

JJ and I went to the Danier leather outlet yesterday and scored big time. At least, I scored. I bought this beautiful bookbag:

This is what I wanted during all of my school daze! Instead, I got to schlep stuff to school in LCBO bags and, eventually, cheapo knapsacks. I feel grown up now.

But even better, JJ bought me this as a belated nameday present:

A car coat! And it even has Thinsulate lining, so I can wear it right away...

Isn't that snazzy?

(JJ picked up two leather jackets for himself as well, one black and one in redwood (similar to the above colour). And if I may say so, when wearing them he puts Daniel Craig/James Bond to shame!)

Of course, JJ had to joke with me that mycurrent wide range of knitted scarves and hats did not include brown, and my usual over-the-tops colour choices might clash with the new coat. So, this was an excuse for an immediate trip to Knitomatic, where I picked up the following beauties:
On the left is Fleece Artist Goldielocks (mohair/silk/nylon blend) in the Bugundy colourway, intended for a Moebius scarf which I will likely start today. To the right is Manos Del Uruguay aran weight wool for a hat of some description.

Of course, I also had to pick this up:

This despite the fact that I have not yet managed to start my Secret of the Stole first hint. I mean to start today... but may wait to see if writte instructions are forthcoming tomorrow. I'm having a problem reading the chart.

Sigh. I did, however, finish the Gathered Pullover yesterday! It is currently blocking, so pics to follow tomorrow.
(I noted with happiness that Haley is selling books at the American price (it has been a big debate up here that despite the fact our dollar is more or less at par now, book prices differ between Canada and the US by several dollars - in this case, seven!).

JJ also bought this microwave/convection oven/grill thingy to replace our toaster oven and microwave (the microwave's plate got broken by JJ, and the toaster oven, for some reason, keeps blowing the fuse when in operation of late):

It is huge ... and comes with an instruction manual resembling the Great Canadian Novel. Good thing I have post-secondary education - I think I'll need it to figure out how to operate this puppy. You will notice that the clock is set, however. Damn, I'm good!

In parting, while reviewing this blog post I was reminded of Rick Mercer's take on blogging (a video clip - click on the second link down "Mercer: the last man to get his own blog"). Hope Im not that boring! I must come across like some shameless consumer - I guess after 10 years or so in the big city in relative penury while going to school and working two or three jobs to get by, I'm still not used to having discretionary income!