05 December 2007

moebius vest?

I have some good news and some bad news.

First, as is the custom, the good news: I finished (most of) the knitting on the Brioche Rib Vest cardigan (everything but the edging around the neck and armholes and the button band). I seamed the pieces together and made JJ model it:

Doesn't he look like a taller version of Napoleon of France?

And look, Ma - it fits!

(even if "Ma" couldn't take a photo to save her life...)

But wait a minute... let's have a closer look at that right shoulder:

AGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!! %#$#@&$*(@&$(#*&$(@*#&(*$@&($*#!

I managed to turn the right shoulder into a Moebius strip! Although I love looking at Cat Bordhi's work, it was not my intention to have it come out like this:

"Hmm, maybe JJ won't notice," I thought.

Then I heard:

"Honey, is the shoulder meant to be twisted like this?"

I tried to convince him it was a design feature. He wouldn't buy it, though. Instead, he started to crack jokes about me getting distracted by watching Henry VIII (before he got super fat) and Anne Boleyn get busy on the season finale of The Tudors.

(Well, wouldn't you get distracted too?)

This was no laughing matter, however. I may have mentioned that I have a bit of a temper. The vest nearly perished at my hands last night:

Then I thought better of this and decided, more rationally, to unpick the shoulder seam.

Well, guess what? This may be the only time in 25 years of knitting that I managed to sew a knitted piece together perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that I could not even locate the seam. I couldn't believe it!

So, I had to take the scissors to it at any rate - to cut open the seam. Then I unravelled both sides back to the beginning of the shoulder shaping and reknit that. See?

Almost as good as new.

By this point it was well after 11:00 p.m. so I decided, in my usual level headed fashion, not to attempt to reseam the shoulder.

(I don't seem to have good luck with cardigans for some reason. Some years back I knitted one for myself and went to assemble it, only to find that I had knitted two front right pieces. I did not fling it over the balcony - primarily because, at that point, I didn't have one. Let's just say it went missing a short time later.)

So, all's well that ends well, I suppose. This evening, I hope to finish it altogether and maybe get a start on the Tilted Duster.

Happy Wednesday - and happy birthday to the late Walt Disney, who brought us Fantasia among many other great animations!

(Looks like the last time I tried to do housework. I can't help it if the broom keeps walking away from me, can I?!?)

Well, time to finish my energy bar...

...don my coat and scarf:

... and head out into the world. Another day, another bunch of money for some more Handmaiden...