02 December 2007

blasted Mondays

(a) I was walking to the gas station for smokes and other provisions yesterday when a car whizzing by at about 80 km in a 50 km zone splashed me from head to toe. As a result, I got whacked in my (bad already) knee with a chunk of ice, and my iPod no longer works (I think it's shorted out. I tried again this morning, and no go). Couldn't get the idiot's licence number. Good thing I didn't have one of these!

(b) this morning it is two million below zero, or three million with the windchill. I slipped on a patch of ice this morning and got coffee all over me.

(c) the bus I take to work was diverted today due to an accident on Bathurst Street. The detour itself didn't bother me - but I despite the attitudes it brings out in other residents of my fair city, some of whom were literally yelling at the driver "I don't care if there's an accident - I NEED to get to Bathurst station". His answer: "Walk, then."

(What does this photo relate to? Nothing, really. It just cheers me up to look at it. I actually had this shot of Dr. House playing Prince George set as my wallpaper on my work computer screen for a while. I chuckle every time I see it. I love The Black Adder!)

(d) I have an all day meeting today - usually this particular meeting is good for a few laughs, but I suspect most of the participants (from other parts of the province) will not show due to the lousy weather. This might impact on my ability to knit during the meeting (that is, if I have to participate more... usually I just like to sit there and nod my head wisely).

WAH!!! I know, I know: "Oh, you can't knit during your meeting? Poor little baby. Ranting on virtual paper sure puts stuff into perpective!

On the upside, I did make a lovely dinner last night: Roast Loin of Pork "Cinghiale" by my favourite sexy TV chef, Nigella Lawson....

... and when I start to get depressed by working on my feudalism art piece (theme: the Landlord as Pacman - which is too close to reality to be funny, I think sometimes), I can just think happy thoughts about this:

... which reminds me of this:
Dandelion Handmaiden!!

Oh - and on the topic of Handmaiden and yellow-greeny colours, remember this?

Handmaiden Italian Silk, Bile colour (at least, that's how I've come to think of it - as fondly as one can think about bile, anyway). At any rate, I was at Knitomatic yesterday (consoling myself about the godawful weather by buying some summer yarn on sale - will have to take pics at some point) and Haley there told me that that colour had come when she had ordered moss green! Moss green!!! All I could think of (but luckily, didn't say) was "Don't eat yellow snow".

(Or dandelion greens, for that matter. My great grandmother, who died at 90 plus when I was nine, used to eat boiled dandelion greens every day then drank the water they were boiled in. The colour of this water was a muddy version of the Bile Handmaiden, come to think of it!)

And on that happy note... well, I feel better now, anyway. And so, I'm sure, did James Cross 37 years ago when he was released by his FLQ kidnappers. Not being able to knit at work pales in comparison, really.