14 October 2007

why I no longer hate blocking...

I guess it took taking up lace knitting to see the virtues of blocking! (must be getting older though - my knees are now killing me from kneeling on the floor).

Have finished knitting the Tuscany - and was sorely tempted to wear it out this evening since it looked so pretty:

However, it was a tad lumpy looking. So, I gritted my teeth, got out some towels and the measuring tape, put on Dr. House reruns (why am I so addicted to this show? I guess I like thinking that someday I can take the liberty of being as outright rude as he is!) and pinned it out:

The bonus is that finally I managed to reproduce the real colours in these photos!

Will have to get some action photos taken when finally it dries and I get to wear it. (And I can't believe I'm saying this, but here's a good reason for liking the winter weather - now that the heat is on and the apartment is less humid, it shouldn't take too long to block!)

The FO is approx. 66'" wide at the widest point x 22" deep at the deepest. I had to finish it 24 rows short when I ran out of the Handmaiden (the bindoff was done with some leftover sea silk in the stash).

And now on to the next project - I will be swatching the Oriel blouse from IK Summer 07 before I go out tonight (to a restaurant called The Big Ragu. Have not yet been there but I'm advised it has Nutella cake on the menu so it can't be all bad!).

I'm also going to cast on for another (mystery) project to use as my travel project when hitting the road for work this week Tuesday. It will be the first time I use Hempathy:

In other news... er, nothing. Unless you want to know what is going on in Law and Order Criminal Intent from two seasons ago! Such a rich and exciting life I lead...