12 October 2007

Hallowe'en blues

What's all this then?

Well, it's that time of year again - when a woman's fancy turns to coming up with a Hallowe'en costume. I find this so stressful!

Usually I come up with all sorts of great (to me) ideas and then end up dressing as (a) a gypsy; or (b) an old European guy like the one on the italian beer poster:
Moretti guy.

These were all fine and dandy the first nine times or so, but starting to get a bit boring. And - the friends are starting to think that I lack imagination. Can't have that!

(On that topic, has anyone ever dressed as a knitting UFO for Hallowe'en? I have. The photos have been burned in someone's fireplace way back when... I thought it was a good idea at the time - that was the year in uni that I fell into a vat of Purple Jesus at the beginning of September and emerged about a week before the December finals. But, yet again, I digress...).

So: this year I'm thinking of dressing as a Solid Gold Dancer!!

I realise I'm dating myself, but hey...

An alternative: I could pretend to be the unlucky kid at Greek school (I'm sure every hyphenated-canadian kid has been haunted by bad, bad memories of "heritage" classes...)

...or I could pretend to be a member the group I was denied access to because I had to go to Greek School instead:

the group to which every girl but me belonged

I'm told well after the fact that I really didn't miss all that much. However, it was horrible at the time ;-)


I'd better go find that fedora hat from wherever I dumped it last year, I guess!



PS. In knitting news: still hacking away on the Tuscany, and have submitted my first ever official pattern to an on-line mag! I don't think this will get me anywhere, but why not wish me luck anyway! ;-)