07 October 2007

the remains of the feast...

Here's day 1 of the Thanksgiving (or rather, the "we have an excuse to pig out!") feast... the damage done by only 3 people, minus the salad and the bread. Dessert pending. Ham and scalloped potato dinner also pending for tomorrow (requested by JJ).

Of course, I'm still enjoying some long weekend cheer...

And, in my usual fickle fashion, I've backtracked on yet another knitting plan (see post below, earlier today) and have decided to start do the Tuscany from NSFY instead. Unfortunately, I haven't quite yet figured out this new camera, so here are some rather odd photos of the first pattern repeat:
Overexposed Version

And my special little addition: beads! (in two colours, gold and teal... not sure that they show up here too well):

Yarn: Handmaiden Silken, of course. 1 skein rainbow (my name), I skein blue/purple. Working name is the Pride Tuscany.

Finished knitting the Intoxicating, but can't block until my mother vacates from the spare room which is where I block stuff. Hopefully I'll have finished it off this time next week. ;-)