08 October 2007


... and I must say that I am truly intoxicated (and not just because of the Mike's Hard lemonade I've been quaffing...)! I am so happy this fits as I had thought it would be too small. Just in time for the unprecedented October heat wave, mind you (32 degrees Celsius today - I can't believe I had the air conditioner on!)

I'll show you the photos on Aphrodite first as they turned out better...


And now for a view of the sleeve lace (modelled on me):

And now some rather blurry photos as modelled by me, just to show the fit (I guess JJ had a couple nips too many of the holiday whiskey!). The nice light outside is now gone so I'll get someone to snap some action photos when I first wear it:

A very fun knit and simpler than it looks - I recommend it for anyone.


Pattern: Intoxicating by Kristi Porter in No Sheep For You, smallest size.

- SWTC Oasis - 100% bamboo (the brown variegated)
- SWTC soysilk (the blue variegated)
- Handmaiden Sea Silk (the white) - held in double strand
- Ella Rae Silkience (the mauve)

Needle Sizes: 3.75 mm (neck edging), 4.0 mm (body), 4.5 mm (sleeves)

Many thanks again to Natalie (Stitchay Woman) for her gift of the SWTC yarns!!

- I would recommend all of these as substitutes for the yarn called for in the pattern, and they all worked very well together, luckily for me.
- I had initially swatched with 4.5mm needles, then used the wrong needles (4.0mm) for the body by mistake. Some hard blocking went a long way but this is rather more fitted than I thought it would be, otherwise. The finished size was meant to be 34 3/4 bust - I would say that this is closer to 33" from the actual fit.
- I actually forgot to put the garter border on the sleeves (the first few rows of the pattern). End result, for those who want to try it - a picot edge. It was pretty but I'm a klutz who gets sleeves caught on everything at the best of times, so I added on the garter border after the fact.
- the slip stitch (mosaic) pattern was very enjoyable to work.
- this may be the first time in history that I have actually gone more muted than the pattern called for! Having said that, I like the result (but will have to guard it carefully so that it does not leave here tomorrow morning with my mother)