22 September 2007

naughty knitting

I just came across this one the other day when excavating (ahem, cleaning) my bedroom:

A saltire g-string!! (made for - guess who! Mr. Scotland)

Where did I locate it? In the back of a sock drawer, buried underneath some "I should throw these pairs of underwear out but they cost good money and are not falling apart yet" detritus. Ingrate. Hmph.

(mind you, I guess that a g-string made out of Lamb's Pride Bulky might not be the most comfortable thing to wear...and you may have noted that there is not a matching one with the greek flag).

If anyone comes across one of those annoying greeting cards which play music when you open them that has a scottish tune, please think about buying it and sending it to me. I'd like to take out the mechanism and sew it into the front of this beauty ;-)