01 September 2007

lovely long weekends...

I'm taking a break from my latest project to reflect on the loveliness of summer long weekends in Toronto. We have not hit the roads like many of our friends because it's quite lovely sitting here on the balcony and enjoying favourite pastimes: JJ reading the weekend papers, me knitting... after a leisurely morning, a trip to Crappy Tire, and lunch at my favourite local italian eatery, the Eden.

Anyway, here is the WIP, started yesterday, together with my first mosaic project and my beverage of choice:

The WIP is going swimmingly. It is displayed here on the non-public side, with the public side peeking out. It will be a bodice for a dress, based on the Dress with Knit Bodice in the Knitting Lingerie-Style book. I'm making a lot of changes (some perhaps misguided... I'm not sure it will fit, and perhaps I've been overly confident about the stretch properties of the Cascade Fixation (which I am very much enjoying). By tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll have the answer to this question. ;-)

And, it's simple enough to knit while drinking Keith's IPA! What more could someone ask for in a long weekend pattern?

Happy Labour(less) Day to all. I won't be watching the telethon (if it's still being aired, that is...)