25 July 2007

Spicy fitted t-shirt - done!

The photo I like (more or less):

the photo DH likes

PatterN; a variation on Spicy Fitted V-neck t-shirt in Fitted Knits (Stefanie Japel)
Yarn: Sari-Rainbow-Mix (Infiknit), cotton and rayon - 3 200g skeins (approx 600 yds)
Needles: 6mm bamboo and 6.5mm plastic
Start Date: 22 July
Finish Date: 25 July
Time spent: 13-14 hours approx


This did not really turn out as I expected, but I like it anyway. My gauge was off for some reason (although I did a large swatch - but not in the round). Note the "design feature" on the left neck... I couldn't get it on otherwise (I've stretched it in blocking).

I was put of initially by some errata in the pattern... some of them were probably just me being obtuse! Due to the nature of the yarn, I gave up on the eyelet pattern as it wasn't showing anyway.

I enjoyed working with the sari silk (although I would suggest washing before knitting, at least this version. There is a finer worsted weight one that feels softer to the touch). I would not, however, recommend it for this particular pattern for others... although maybe going up a needle size would work.

I am hopeful that blocking will fix the neck a bit:

This (because I can't resist) is a close-up of the lovely fabric, but my camera does not do the colours justice...

Next up: the Saturday in the Park Perfect Dress in red linen (I think, anyway).