22 May 2007

Victoria's Secret...

...or, What I Did Over the May two-four weekend! a work in progress:

This is a dress I'm trying to make based on the Rectangular fitted tunic from Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel. I know, I know - it's looking a bit rough! Rather overzealously, I thought I might actually finish the dress. I did, however, have a few other things to do! (sigh).

It is fun for me to see how it is coming together although I'm not quite sure how the finished product will look. Colourful, at any rate. ;-) The working title is either "Muppet Explosion" or "Pride Dress". At this point the length is 26" approx so I will have to add some more short rows along the bottom (and another sleeve, I guess).

Oh... and due to the work on this, I did not manage to drink a twofer on the long weekend - only a 6. I did however watch the Bob and Doug reunion which was worth a laugh ("take off, eh?")