18 December 2006

what I want for New Year's

A non-knitting post for a change (well, slightly):

What I want for New Year's:

(a) in altruistic form:

- world peace
- banishment of the Harper government for some kinder gentler regime (I know not what in this bleak bleak land)
- failing all of that, an income for everyone which covers a basic cost of living

(b) selfishly speaking:

- Denise needles
- a lottery win for my work group pool (but then again, I haven't checked any of our December tickets...)
- a trip to England and Scotland

(c) what I've actually received for Christmas/New Years (partly because me and partner have decided to give gifts all year...) or what my household has received:

- fabulous drapes
- Blundstone boots
- a new winter coat
- a leather bag (advance nameday gift from my mother)
- a surprise gift at my staff holiday party today from my former articling principal/current colleague: a t-shirt stating that "I took up knitting to keep me out of trouble"

Plus we have a new car to drive. So I really can't complain.