17 December 2006

Last Christmas gift FINISHED!!!

At least, it's the last Christmas gift other than for myself...!

It's the blanket based on the Nina shawl pattern in the MDK book - except I-cord edging, no ruffle and and I-cord border. Thanks to Phyllis for a lovely pattern - and despite some low-level cursing at the time, the chequerboard was worth the effort.
See below for specs if interested.

(a) blocking

(b) just about finished (colours here are truer as in natural light)


Yarn: Super 10 Butterfly (mercerised cotton, 125 g = 230 m)
in colours sunflower, chestnut, chocolate, paprika and unnamed [I call it light chocolate]
Needles: Addi Turbo (first time using them, and I loved it!)
Size: 52" long by 42" wide

(and why is it that I weigh in metric but measure in imperial anyway? Hmm. I MUST be Canadian!).