01 April 2008

PayDay, redux

PayDay came twice for me this time around, at least on the expenditure side.

Why? Because I've decided that I must make the Muir shawl

right after I finish my little mystery project, April Waters.

But don't you have all that lace yarn in the stash? you might well ask. Well, yes, I do... but I didn't have any Rowan Kidsilk Night...

...which is what, in my tortured mind anyway, this shawl begs for.

But just look how it sparkles!

Can't decide whether to put beads on as well (I have some plain crystal ones that would do nicely) or whether that would just be over the top.

While I was at Romni, I just had to snap this up as well...

Because, after all, I don't have enough lace patterns in my Ravelry queue - I might run out by 2015 or so and by that time, what if this book has gone out of print?! Sheesh.

Anyway, imagine how glad I was when I got back to the office to find that my first kit from the Year of Lace 2008 had arrived in the mail!!


Check it out!!!
This lovely pattern is by the fabulous Sivia Harding. My great good luck to have an original and otherwise unpublished pattern from one of my favourite designers!

The yarn is by Claudia's Handpaints in a colour created only for this particular kit, and is called "Sivia's Hot Orange Brick". 1100 metres of it. I love it!

And it's a good thing I love it, actually... because the colour came off on my hands when winding it yesterday. Oh, I also learned something new - this phenomenon is called "crocking", not "bleeding" as I would have thought. Anyway, I figure that while I'm knitting it I'll just look like I've had henna tattoos on my hands.

Anyway, I'm thrilled with the kit, although I may have to sell this valuable gem from my collection in order to pay the rent today...

Just kidding. It's not mine. This is a 72.22 carat diamond, worth somewhere between $10 million and $13 million according to today's Globe and Mail (hey, what's a couple three million amongst friends, really!).

The Globe and Mail also told me today that it's OK to go to work and pull some April Fools jokes on the colleagues. Seriously. If you don't believe me, read this:

Playing a prank on a colleague today can "encourage creativity and teamwork," according to the executive jobsite TheLadders.co.uk. Some favourite pranks, it says, are unplugging a keyboard, moving the contents of a desk and fibbing that it's "crazy shirt day."
Creativity and teamwork through pranking? Wish I had known about this when I was a manager!

(Actually, that word "teamwork" is one of the words in the English language that I have come most to despise. Anyone who has been in a corporate workplace, or especially a not-for-profit workplace, has no doubt come across those schmaltzy motivational posters:

I used to have a boss who was right into this crap, and even wore a "Teamwork" tieclip every day to work. Augh.

Now, this is more like it:

...but I digress.)
Anyway, I'd better behave at work today. I'm not a manager any more (I gave up all that power and the high life making $35,000 a year in non-profit to get called to the Bar and make slightly more money some time back), and they might just put me in the corner again:

Hey, did you know, by the way, that the dunce cap originated in the 13th century as a tool to promote learning by funneling knowledge to the wearer? Seriously. If you don't believe me,
check out this link

Well, on that happy note it's time to get to work and start...

Happy April Fools' Day!!!