21 October 2007

tag I'm it...

Amy has tagged me... I'm it. agh. ;-)

This one is not too time consuming, anyway.

For the unfortunate taggees (and I do hope I haven't tagged you before. I haven't done it all that often):

Open the book you're currently reading to page 161 and copy the fifth sentence on the page, then tag 5 bloggers.

All righty - p.161, 5th sentence:

Cory J. wrote: "The interpretation of the word "corruptly" must take place within the context of s.426 itself."

And - I know you're all going to want to rush out and buy a copy... so here is the cover shot for your convenience:

(such dull reading matter that the photo came out in black and white).

Oh - I just realised the photo came out backwards. The book is:

Sullivan, Ruth A., "Driedger on the Construction of Statutes, 3rd ed." (Butterworths: Markham, 1994). (Make sure you buy the 4th ed. with the red cover... I picked up the wrong one when leaving the office Friday. But if you're desperate, the 3rd ed. will do.

hee hee

And... the winners are:




and... (drumroll please!)