13 September 2007


...aka the TTC Log Cabin Update! (which may become the TTC Winter Coat update given that they are raising the Metropass charge by $9.25 and I may well have to sell my winter coat to afford going to work! grr)

Most recent future additions and square in progress respecting the future swatch-centred log cabin style blankie:

This is my favourite swatch (which I made before starting my Rainbow Dress - a panoply of Fleece Artist, Handmaiden and other silks):

... and this is probably misnamed as a swatch... but when stashhunting for the blanket this morning I came across this long-abandoned log cabin (great colours, but terrible-to-work-with vintage acrylic yarn that kept breaking). I'm going to find a way to incorporate it, maybe chopping it into pieces.

Stay tuned... this may well be the mother of all log cabins at the rate it's going!