13 August 2007

you say "tomato", I say...

...Tomato Redux!

My second Tomato was as enjoyable a knit as the first...! EVERYONE should knit one!


Pattern: Tomato (Wendy Bernard) in No Sheep For You

Yarn: Mission Falls cotton (black); Cottonlicious (pink); Kerzner Super 3 mercerised cotton (discontinued - orange) and Berocco Suede (big stripe) - approx 320 g total.

Needles: 4.5 mm and 4.0 mm

Start Date: 12 August

Finish Date: 13 August

Time spent: 11 hours approx.


- not too much to say about this pattern except that I love it! (for my other one, see the Sidebar under Finished Knits 2007)
- this one knitted up a bit tighter than the other one (which was made with 100% Mission Falls - I was surprised at this (but not unhappy!)
- the Cottonlicious is almost identical to Mission Falls and also made in Canada...
- I'm really sorry the Super3 is discontinued.
- This was all made with stash materials...
- my colour inspiration for the Tomato was the "Nina Blanket" by Phyllis in Mason-Dixon Knitting (below)... I wish I could have made my mother's Nina (see sidebar - 2006) in that scheme but, alas, her decor wouldn't comply!
- my only modifications: I did 2k1p rib all around (which I prefer to the 2x2), and
the stripe across is in reverse stocking... in Suede! ;-)