01 June 2007

swing dress - side 1 almost done!

I'm very much liking the colour combo for side 1... and here is the colour combo for side 2:

A couple of glitches:

(a) I don't have enough of either of these colors to finish the whole side... so I will have to sub in some black;

(b) I just realised that instead of two purple Suede, I bought one purple and one tricolour. Oh well. It will make for a more interesting dress, I suppose. LYS has none of the colours I picked originally left and I'm not too big on the colours they had in stock.

I hope to finish this dress tomorrow and start on something else.. hmm... the Bacardi, a Tomato, a "spicy" fitted T-shirt from Fitted Knits, a minidress from a vintage "hostess gown" pattern... too many choices, too little time! (but, too much yarn as well, if that's possible!)