12 December 2006

advent blanket

Well, immediately I get the yarn in to finish my mother's blanket, I decide on another blanket idea for myself ... !!! (at least I managed to get in quite a bit of work on my mother's blanket before taking this one).

FINALLY using some Paton's Decor from my stash which has been sitting there... well, I don't want to say... let's just say it was part of a big Kaffe Fassett project that I gave up 10 years ago!

One panel a day to usher in the new year 2007...

Each panel is 10x10. Knitted on 4.5 mm needles - 49 sts by 80 rows. This will be a "sampler" blanket taking stitch patterns from Debbie Bliss's How to Knit book:


Double Parallelogram

Diagonal Garter Ribs